A branch from the Legacy before me

Some of my favorite childhood memories were times spent with my daddy.  He lives his life a tad different than most do.  I remember when He used to sing out loud as he would hold my hand in his while we were entering the grocery store, he was always happy.

It was his love for our family that drove him to spend time camping in the summer, roller skating once a month and Friday nights at home for “family night fun”.  He was one of those dads that brought the video camera out to every event so us kids would have memories stored forever.

His love didn’t stop at 190 W. Byron.  It carried on into the city streets.  I remember sitting in the front row of the rescue mission while he would preach and being so proud to be his little girl, I felt like he was a movie-star.  I loved tagging along on Thursday mornings to visit the elderly in the nursing home while I would watch my dad share his love with them.  I remember his vacant seat every 3rd Sunday afternoon at lunch time while he was away preaching to the men in the local jail and prison ministry…  He still does all of these things to this day.

I want to be like him.  I want to carry on in his Legacy.  I want LOVE like he does.

You see, “LOVE” looks like something.  And for me, this is just a glimpse of what it looked like.

DSC03822Last Fall I was privileged enough to go to Chang Mai, Thailand on a mission trip.  The instant that we stepped into the small hut where we would be ministering, my heart felt a love that I didn’t know existed.

A few weeks ago, I felt that same love when I visited the local rescue mission.  I can’t really describe it.  I felt God there and I knew that this is where He wanted me to be.

So, this Friday night a group of women will be going in with me to the mission to share our stories with them.  Oh God, THANK YOU for this amazing opportunity.  May we be filled up with more of you… Help us to show them what Love looks like.


Change happens

th_021As the summer wraps up and the new season begins to show signs in the air this morning, I’m finding myself torn.  I’m not quite ready to let go of what this season has been for me but I know that in only a few short weeks, I won’t have a choice.  The fall has always been my favorite, but this year seems different.   There will be a lot of change.  The twins start high school, we now have 2 little ones at home during the day and I’m starting a few new Bible study groups.

Isn’t that just how life goes… It’s constantly presenting change for us.   In my mind, there’s no greater hurt than the hurt of having to “let go”.

But we can’t hold on.  Our kids will grow up, our friends may have to move, you may lose your job and death is real.

So instead of clinging to what He gives us, we must live a life a gratitude for whatever we have in the moment.  We aren’t given tomorrow.  We don’t know what the future holds.

He does and He promises to give us a hope and a future.  He’s promised us that all things work together for good.  He’s told us that He’ll turn our mourning into Joy.

So, today I encourage you to be the mommy you dreamed you would be to your little ones, tell your spouse how much you love them, be a loyal friend and make sure to spend time with the one who gives and takes away.



Sacred place

This is the view from the window in our home office.  It looks over our front yard.

This morning I was sitting in there for some quiet time before all of our boys woke up.  I was lifting up requests that were rolling around in my mind.

I turned in my chair to look outside as I was praying and then I was stopped by the beauty that I saw.  In that moment, I felt inadequate to ask Him for anything more.   As if He didn’t already know each of our needs and all of the things on my heart.  The only thing that felt worthy to come  out of my mouth were words of worship.  My heart was flowing with gratitude for this life that the Lord allows me to live.

The words that were being echoed reminded me of how Good He is.